Monday, November 16, 2009

Men's Night vs. Women's Night

A few weeks ago, ok about 6 weeks ago to be exact. My women friends, and many of their male counterparts, met at different locations for a night of single gender socializing. You know how in post-60s America everyone hangs in mixed gender gatherings, all together, boys and girls, like we get along and such. Well, now and again, my male friends (my mate included) engage in the quintessential male ritual:poker night. Poker night, from what I've been told but have never really seen, includes various inebriants, crude and inappropriate joking, and general silliness. I was told of a night when cheeseball tossing into gaping mouths took center stage.

On the most recent pokerama night, my gals gathered at a swell bucks county farmhouse setting for a less baudacious but beautiful meal together. The table was tastefully set by our hostess.
We dined on a chicken citrus stew and fall squash (as seen at the head of this post). I made some spice walnut cookies and brought fresh figs and a yogurt/goat cheese dipping sauce. I kinda made up the dipping sauce and was as pleased as punch that it actually tasted great.

We munched and drank and chatted. A downright lovely evening, we had.

Here is what the guys ate in man land.

And here's some guy in a rickshaw, who the poker host found on his way to get pizza. Or something like that. It's a whole other world in man land, things generally don't make sense, nor have any rhyme nor reason.