Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coconut Cake

My family was never religious, at least not beyond my early childhood. But we always celebrate Easter as though we are commemorating something. I guess we are just commemorating our existence as a family in this new spring season. It is always a pretty fancy affair, that is our way.

This year I decided to host the event and made a coconut cake for my father, who covets cakes. It took much work and concentration and many eggs.

To be perfectly honest, I made it so long ago, I can't remember from where the recipe came. But I do know that it had three layers...

And a butter cream frosting.

The cake was excessively crumbly, at least from my perspective. But everyone who ate it loved it. It was quite rich and one often finds with these kinds of butterloaded stacked confections. I took the remains to work the following Monday and my ex-boss told me that it reminded him of cakes his mother used to make--a sweet compliment to arouse maternal nostalgia in another.


Zoe said...

Beautiful cake! Good for you. Making cake is a wonderful thing. You are a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

The cake looks great! You should probably try the recipe out at least one more time to see if you can improve on it next time... oh, and I should be there to help eat it :)